February 18, 2023

Benefits of Australian PR

Australia is a pretty amazing place if you’re looking for adventure and opportunities.  It’s got these incredible landscapes from mountains to beaches to rainforests and deserts.  Each state has its own unique geography that nature lovers would enjoy.  

Beyond the scenery, Australia embraces all different cultures from around the world, making it really welcoming to immigrants.  This cultural diversity makes it one of the top destinations people choose to settle in globally. 

If your living in Kerala and want to move to Australia, a consultancy like Flyworld can help guide you through the complex immigration process and  opportunities for Indian professionals are expanding in Australia so it could be a great choice for improving your life and career.   

Getting Australian permanent residency opens up lots of possibilities – from access to great healthcare and education to a high standard of living.  Australia’s strong economy and innovative industries provide an ideal environment for ambitious professionals to find success. 

Australia also ranks highly on the Global Peace Index for its commitment to peace and security.  The open and friendly nature of Australian society makes it a safe and supportive place for people and families.

Benefits of Australian PR

  • The right to live in Australia indefinitely. Individuals with PR can stay in the country as long as they prefer. They can also travel in and out of the country with ease.
  • Unlimited rights to work in Australia. Permanent residents receive equal opportunities to work anywhere in the country along with enjoying various work benefits.
  • Provision for student subsidies while studying in the country. Students are given special subsidies and support throughout their student years to aid their studies.
  • Access to medical insurance and healthcare. Australia is a country that gives great importance to social security and community welfare. Welfare activities are managed by Centre link, where both citizens and residents enjoy social support.
  • Avail bank loans to buy property. Permanent residents can avail loans to buy property or house without many complications. There is a ‘First Home Owner Grant’.
  • Opportunity to sponsor a dependant or relative. PR gives you the right to sponsor your family or relatives.
  • Citizenship opportunities. An individual can receive Australian citizenship easily while being a permanent resident.
  • Also, children born in Australia to parents who are permanent residents automatically gain citizenship.

The above mentioned facts are the technical advantages of receiving PR in Australia. Apart from this, Australia is a fun country to live in. Geographical diversity attracts a lot of people who love adventures and nature. There is a wide array of activities you could pursue.

The community and people are very welcoming. We could find people from every nook and cranny of the world settled in the country.

A positive work culture is another huge advantage. Individuals enjoy greater work-life balance here.

So how do you apply for a PR.? As an Indian citizen, you can apply for the Australia Permanent Resident Visa with the best consultancy for Australia PR, if you belong to the categories of skilled worker or business professional. You must attain points and fulfil the eligibility requirement In order to qualify for the PR Visa category of your choice you will have to produce the following documents.

  • Educational credentials
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Work experience certificates
  • Travel documents
  • Permission from authorities if required, etc.

So now we understand that Australia is indeed a great place to settle down.

But how does one achieve this? You require the best Australian immigration consultants in Kerala.

Fear not for Flyworld is here!


We are one of the top Australia PR visa consultants in Kerala. Under the leadership of Mrs. Thara Namboothiri, our team is constantly on the journey towards making dreams a reality. We have some of the best immigration specialists working with us. Under their guidance and instruction, you too can turn your dreams into reality.

So don’t wait any longer.

Give us a ring to get the most beneficial advice on Australian PR from our expert counsellors.

It’s time to embark on the best adventure of your life. And we are happy to play a small role in it.

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