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Flyworld Migration has work visa lawyers who offer professional services to employers who are seeking employees and their sponsorship to get an opportunity to work in Australia. We offer corporate employer sponsored permanent visa services to companies whether they’re large corporations or small to medium size business, assisting with all of their employee sponsorship visa requirements. Our expert employer sponsored visa lawyers guarantee you the best advice and services in order to successfully complete your application for a permanent employer sponsored or nominated visa. Under the Employee Nomination Scheme (ENS), Australian Employers are allowed to sponsor highly skilled workers from overseas to live and work permanently in Australia. Our expert employer sponsored visa consultants are here to guide you through every step of your journey.

flyworld migration employer sponsored visa lawyers in melbourne
flyworld migration Different Types of Employer Sponsored Visa

Different Types of Employer Sponsored Visas:

  • Nomination Visa (186 employer sponsored visa)
  • Occupational Trainee Visa (442 employer sponsored visa)
  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (employer sponsored visa 482)

An Employer Sponsored Visa in Australia is meant for certain individuals based on specific criteria. There are numerous points and subclasses that you need to understand to choose the best Australian visa that fits you to ensure a lower chance of visa refusal. All Visas have specific criteria and eligibility that may qualify or disqualify a Visa Application for a permanent employer sponsored or nominated visa. These criteria are applicable to both the company and also the applicant. These conditions and laws vary according to the changing Government Regulations and Acts. Laws also vary depending on the state the company is operating in and where the applicant wishes to work in. At Flyworld Migration, our work visa lawyers will assist you in identifying and attaining the suitable employer sponsored permanent residency visa for your skills and guide you through your visa application process.

Like all visas, the 186 Employer Sponsored Visa Australia requirements also include checking health and English competency. Some professions require you to pass a skill assessment, whereas others require your experience certificate. This Australia visa 186 sponsored employer requirement also applies to relevant trade certifications and accreditations. Some job experience acquired overseas may meet a different standard compared to Australia and will have to be assessed. Here, both the employee and the employer are required to undergo assessments. The company that is willing to sponsor will be required to prove genuinity. Subsequently, the employee profile will be assessed.

The applicant must also meet the skilled employer sponsored regional provisional visa criteria of the Skilled Occupations list to apply for an employer sponsored visa 482 subclass (formerly the employer sponsored visa Australia 457 subclass). This list varies from states and regional areas, as each have their own skills shortage list released annually. One can check if their occupation or profession is included in the list before initiating their application for a Regional Employer Sponsored Visa.

Skills Assessment

At the time of the Visa application, the applicant must prove that their relevant skills have been assessed as being suitable for the position/occupation they are applying to. A skills assessment undertaken after the visa application was made does not meet visa requirements. A relevant skills assessment authority must find the applicant’s skills and experience suitable to the occupation they are applying for, the proof of which must be submitted with the Visa application. An applicant can submit an application without the skill assessment initially and can later add the skill assessment to the application, but the result of the assessment must have been acquired before the date of Visa application. If a skills assessment is not submitted with the application, officers should give the applicant an opportunity to submit the skills assessment (assuming the assessment was obtained before the visa application was made). For any further enquiries, get in touch with our employer sponsored visa agent in Melbourne who has extensive knowledge regarding employer sponsored visa applications.

Processing Time

The employer sponsored visa Australia processing time varies from case to case and can vary if the candidate is onshore or offshore, or if the candidate is already a temporary resident or on a Visitor Visa. The relevant documents required for an employer sponsored visa that are submitted with the application must also be accurate according to the standards of the Department of Home Affairs, as an error might also increase the processing time of the application. Such employer sponsored visa applications, depending on the case, may take up to 11 months to be accepted and granted.

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I got visa for my parents granted in a matter of few weeks. I sincerely thank Blessy Jose from Flyworld team for all her effort. She is very sincere and committed to her work and also always reachable on phone. She has also been very prompt in her response.


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The team Flyworld Immigration assisted me really well to get my SC485 visa. Special thanks to Seethal and Jose George for helping me through out the process.


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Did you know that your visa outcome depends on the quality of application made to the Department of Home Affairs? A proper decision-ready application will always bring you a faster decision from the DHA. At Flyworld Migration, our registered migration agents in Melbourne will provide you with tailor made instructions and a checklist of documents, and an application for a visa will be made with a legal submission. This process will assist case officers to cross check your application with relevant legislative provisions and finalise the application.


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Innovation (Provisional) Visa

Subclass 188 is a provisional visa for people with business skills that allows you to operate a new or existing business in Australia.

Subclass 132

Business Talent
(Permanent) Visa

Sublcass 132 visa is for experienced business owners, to operate a new or existing business in Australia.

Subclass 888

Business Investment &
Innovation (Permanent) Visa

Subclass 888 Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888).