January 12, 2023

Employment Opportunities in Australia for Indians

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Indians are numerous in Australia and there are many opportunities for employment. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular employment sectors for Indians in Australia. We’ll also provide tips on how to find the right job and make the most of your Australian experience. So whether you’re looking for a long-term stay or a temporary opportunity, read on to learn more about the employment opportunities available to Indians in Australia!

The pathways to move to Australia from India with the best Australia PR Visa Consultants

There are a variety of immigration routes from India to Australia that you may select from depending on your profile and preferences. As a skilled immigrant, you can depart from India and enter Australia (permanent visa). To apply for the required visa category with the best Australia migration agency under this category, you must select an occupation from the SOL (Skilled Occupation List) or CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List).

You must pass Australia’s point-based immigration system if you want to immigrate there as a skilled worker. Your age, education, employment history, level of English proficiency, and other variables will determine how many points you receive. An on-point system requires a minimum score of 60 points. However, a better score will increase your likelihood of being chosen.

Eligibility Criteria

First of all, you have to make sure your occupation/skill is in the skilled occupation list. Based on your skilled employment points, you can understand whether you are eligible for a visa application. If your skill is in high demand, your chances of getting an Australian visa and permanent residency (PR) will be high. Other general criteria include:

  • Be under the age of 45
  • Be proficient in English. You might have to provide proof through English language tests.
  • Have the required amount to support yourself financially.
  • Provide evidence that you meet Australia’s health requirements.
  • Police certificate proving good conduct
  • Submit an Expression of Interest

The application process can be overwhelming if you’re trying to apply with no professional or legal help. With us, the best Australia migration agency Kochi, we ensure all the rules are done within the given timeline for you to receive your visa invitation.

Our experts make up the best Australian immigration consultants in Kerala that can help you sort out all the required documents and assessments. We can help you attain your Australian PR visa, Skilled Visa and the like with zero errors and maximum efficiency.

Major Occupations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia is facing shortages in the skilled workforce in many high paying and rewarding jobs. Many skilled professionals are moving to Australia in search of a great lifestyle, great salary and a great future for their children.

Occupations in the following fields are high in demand due to the skill shortage faced by the country:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance (200,000+ vacancies by 2023)
  • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services (165,000+ vacancies by 2023)
  • Education and Training (100,000+ vacancies by 2023)
  • Construction (110,000+ vacancies by 2023)

The vacancies under the above-mentioned list are only expected to increase in the coming years. The occupations fall under different subclasses and require certain skill assessments to provide proof of your qualifications.

These are the top 10 jobs that are in demand and facing skill shortages. Keep in mind that the higher your skill is in demand, the smoother and quicker you can get your Australian Visa, even a Permanent Residency (PR) visa.

Registered nurses

One of the essential jobs in demand in Australia, registered nurses enjoy many perks such as a PR pathway, a competitive salary, and pension benefits.

Care for the elderly and disabled

The demand for elderly and disability care is expected to rise in the coming years in Australia. The great importance of these job roles makes it a great opportunity for overseas-skilled professionals to build a rewarding life in the country.

Child care

One of the most essential and in-demand job roles, child care is a great window of opportunity for PR. Currently, there are 16,000 vacancies in child care.

Information and communications technology (ICT)

Australia provides a strong base for the development of information and communications technology, with employment expected to increase by about 20% in the coming years. A strong sector with growing vacancies is a great opportunity for Indians to gain a rewarding lifestyle.

Early childhood teachers

Australia gives great importance to quality education, which is why its universities are some of the most renowned ones. Early childhood teaching positions are expected to increase by 30,000 because the country is falling short of educators.


Despite the fact that the industry is expanding, Australia is experiencing a shortage of electricians, one of the most important job roles in the country. The officials are expecting 11% job growth.

Software and applications programmers

The industry’s fast growth and it is being one of the world’s best make it a great opportunity for software and applications programmers to gain a smooth pathway to PR in Australia.

Construction managers

With a rewarding career and great salary packages, construction managers from overseas have found a great lifestyle in Australia.

Civil engineering professionals

Local civil engineers are unable to meet Australia’s skill demand. A job that has a high potential for growth, civil engineering provides great rewards for skilled professionals.


According to the Australian Government’s skill priority list, chefs are one of the most in-demand job roles in the country.

The list does not end here. There are many other jobs that are in great demand and of great use to the Australian economy. But the categories can be confusing if you are new to it, the processes are strict, and there are certain state nominations you can take advantage of.

Exploring new opportunities can be overwhelming, but with the right Australian migration consultants, all the weight is lifted off your shoulders.

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