January 8, 2024

SOP For Australia Student Visa : Step By Step Visa Process

SOP For Australia Student Visa: Indian students looking to pursue higher education abroad frequently consider Australia their dream destination after finishing secondary or graduate school in India, with an 85% acceptance rate for student visa applications. Australia stands out as an accessible country to pursue overseas study; to increase your chance of approval it’s essential that you consult the checklist provided below.


SOP For Australia Student Visa


What is Student Visa Subclass 500

Student Visa Subclass 500 is the most common student visa for international students to study in Australia.

Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions

The criteria listed below must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for student visa subclass 500.


COE From an Australian Education Institute (CEO)

To secure an Australian Student Visa, you will require proof of enrollment from your educational institute. You Might be wondering what COE is in Australia.

COE is an acceptance letter from a registered Australian Education Institute.It will contain the details regarding the course you opted for, its duration, fees structure and important dates such as the course commencement date.

The procedure for obtaining a COE varies based on the standards set by the institutes. Check the institute’s website to know the eligibility criteria of your university. Most universities will require you to pay a small instalment of tuition fee to get accepted.


OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

It is mandatory for all international students to have a valid Overseas Student Health Cover. This is to ensure that the student has access to the necessary medical services during their stay in Australia.


English Proficiency Test

Australia is an English speaking country. With that respect, it is necessary to have proficiency in the English language to be able to study in Australia. All Australian courses are in English language and hence without knowing this language, it would be difficult to study the course.

  •  IELTS
  •  TOEFL
  •  PTE Academics

Above mentioned are some of the most common English Proficiency Tests accepted by the Australian Education Institutes. These are not the only tests and there are lots of other tests that an institute might require you to pass. This will be mentioned in your institute’s website.

There will be a minimum cut off score set by institutes to be eligible for the course. Get in touch with your academic counsellor or representative from the institute to get detailed information regarding this.

In the worst case scenario where you are unable to obtain the required score, some institutes offer an alternate path where you may be required to enrol in an English language course to obtain the required proficiency before the academic year starts. Not all universities offer this path and we recommend that you get in touch with your institute to get more details.


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Bank Statements Showing Financial Capacity

secure a student visa subclass 500 in Australia, you must actively demonstrate your financial capacity to cover tuition and living expenses throughout your entire stay. This demonstration should encompass expenses such as food costs, transport, and housing.

You might be wondering how one can calculate how much funds are required for this. The Australian Government posts annual living costs of International students regularly. This is a rough estimate and you should also keep in mind other factors such as your individual needs and other conditions. It is important to follow the Australian Student Visa news regularly to get updated regarding this figure. Note that while calculating this, you should also keep the currency conversion rate in mind.

You need to submit the necessary documents supporting the fact that you have the financial capacity to study in Australia. Documents supporting your submission include bank statements or other legitimate financial records; if your sponsorship comes from an institute or other person, letters of support and documents demonstrating terms must also be included with your submission.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

GTE is an assessment done by the Australian Government. The GTE assessment is meant to decide whether the applicant intends to study in Australia or come under that disguise to do something else. You need to prepare a GTE statement and submit it to the Government. You will also have to give an interview to showcase your true intent.

This would be the best time to research some of the most common Australia GTE Interview questions and answers. This will increase your chances of success.

Some Key things considered during this assessment are the following


  Intention to return back to home country after education (Family Ties to Home Country)

  •       Financial Capacity As mentioned before
  •       Visa Conditions Eligibility
  •       Your aptitude for the chosen course (Career aspirations)

The GTE statement needs to be submitted along with your visa application. If you have any other valid documents that support your claims in GTE such as your academic achievements, then including that in your application will increase your chances of success.


Biometric Data Collection

Once you submit your visa application and have successfully completed the payment of application fees, you will have to go to the mentioned visa application centre for biometric collection. The details regarding the timing and the centre will be provided to you once you complete your visa application. This usually includes fingerprint and photographs collection.

Bear in mind that the biometric data collection can happen at any stage of your visa application and it can vary on a case by case basis.


 Work Limitations

Student visa subclass 500 comes with certain work limitations. This is put in place to ensure that students remain focused on their primary goal, academics rather than work.

As per the latest statement from the Australian Government released on July 1, 2023 , a student holding this visa can work for 48 hours per 2 weeks (1 fortnight). This was increased from the previous 40 Hours.

However this limitation applies only during study terms. You can work for unlimited hours during course break periods.

Students of masters by research or doctoral programs are exempted from these limitations.

If you go over this limit, then you violate the terms of your visa and the government can revoke your visa status.


Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590

In case the student is a minor, the Australian Government offers Subclass 590 Student Guardian Visa for adults to accompany their wards to the country to take care of them. Make sure you check in with the Australian Government website to know the updated information regarding the criteria for this visa.


If you are planning to study in Australia from India, these guidelines will prove invaluable. But for someone new to all this, it can be daunting, and we advise reaching out to an experienced agency such as Flyworld Education to make this process simpler and increase the chance of a successful visa application. Thanks again for reading this blog; best of luck on your visa journey. Explore the assistance of Australian Immigration Consultants in Kochi for a smoother experience.

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