December 5, 2023

Types of Visa | Migration Lawyers in Melbourne

Australia has a massive demand for skilled workers, welcoming skilled labours contributing to the country’s economy. Melbourne, Australia, is home to several prestigious colleges and universities, making it a dream destination for students. Suppose you are planning to migrate to Australia or some other country from Australia, be it for education or work. In that case, the VISA application process can be a daunting experience if you’re not careful about some things. With that in mind, the professional lawyers at Flyworld Migration, with years of experience in this field, have collectively put together some tips on how to make this process easy. 

Australian Migration VISA Types

Before applying for a VISA, one must have a clear idea about the type of VISA one needs. Going through this list can be a massive headache and time-consuming for someone new.

Types of VISA in Australia

A skilled lawyer, like the ones you find at Flyworld Migration, can help you. They can assist you in selecting the most suitable VISA category based on your needs. Listed below are some of the most popular ones. The list given below should only be taken as an overall reference, and we recommend that you contact your immigration lawyer to select one that is most suitable for your needs.

1. Australian Business VISA

This type of VISA is suitable for business owners and individuals planning to establish a business or make an investment in Australia.
One key highlight of this type of visa is that “You will be able to obtain your permanent residency for you and your immediate family members by applying for an Australian Business Visa” and an experienced Migration Lawyer in Melbourne can help point out facts like this to you.

2. Visitor VISA and Tourist VISA

Perhaps one of the most issued VISA anywhere globally is the Tourist and Visitor VISA. As the name suggests, Australian Tourist Visa and Visitor Visa allows you to visit Australia for tourism activities temporarily.

  • Holiday Packages
  • Sightseeing
  • Visiting Family or Friends
  • Business Conferences or Negotiation talks
  • Informal study and training sessions in less than three months.
Whether you want to Backpack through the coast, rent a camper van and road trip around the country shop till you drop at the many luxury boutique stores, or try your luck at the casinos, the land down under has it all and a Visitor or Tourist VISA would be ideal if this is your plan.
Ideal use cases of this visa include, but are not limited to :-
However, activities like service delivery, selling goods etc are not allowed to individuals holding this type of VISA. To know more about the rules and restrictions, we advise you to contact your migration lawyers in Melbourne Australia or Flyworld Migration.

3. Australia Student VISA

This VISA permits students to migrate to Australia and pursue a full-time course in a recognized educational institution. Australia is one of the most sought out destination by students all over the world. It is a dream destination for many Indian students to pursue higher education.
Whether you need a student visa for this or not will depend on a variety of factors which include your age, type of course you want to pursue and the duration for which you wish to stay in Australia.
As an International Student, you would most likely require a student (Subclass 500) Visa, regardless of your field of study. If you are going to study in Australia for a longer period of time, you will need to apply for a student Visa.
Good migration lawyers can help make obtaining this type of VISA a hassle free experience. You have to consider a variety of factors such as whether the institution in which you are planning to study is recognized by the government or not.

4. Partner VISA Australia

Long gone is the period in human history where love and relationships were constricted by the country one lived in.
Married individuals with a permanent Australian Visa can apply for a partner visa 820 or a partner visa 801 for their spouse.
As per the Australian Laws at the time of publishing this blog, interdependent or same-sex partners are also eligible for a partner visa in Australia but
the marriage must be of at least two years to be eligible for this type of VISA. You can consult with your migration lawyers in Melbourne to know more about the kind of documents one would need to apply for this type of VISA. It typically involves legal documents to support marriage, a police clearance certificate and a medical exam certificate.


Apart from the above-mentioned type of VISAS, there are many other types of VISA. Well experienced migration lawyers can help you choose one catering to your needs. A good migration lawyer can also help organise the supporting documents required. They can help you with the visa application and verification. They can get you well-versed with the rules and regulations associated with each type of VISA. If you plan to apply for an Australian VISA, we recommend contacting one of our migration lawyers in Melbourne Flyworld Migration.

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