November 4, 2023

Complete Guide of 408 visas to Australian PR


Visa Subclass 408 Melbourne is often called the Temporary Activity Visa. Which offers an exciting avenue for individuals dreaming of Australian Permanent Residency (PR). Beyond its primary function of enabling various activities in Australia. This visa can serve as a crucial stepping stone towards securing your future in the Land Down Under. In this guide, we will simplify the complexities of the 408 visa, explain its eligibility criteria, and illustrate how subclass 408 temporary activity visa can lead you to Australian PR.

408 Visa to Australia PR

Visa Subclass 408, is tailored for individuals looking to visit Australia temporarily for specific activities or events. These activities can vary from sporting events and entertainment productions to research projects and religious work, among others. Although this visa is initially for temporary stays, it can be strategically utilized as a pathway towards achieving immigration lawyers melbourne status.

Who Can Apply for 408 Visa to Australia PR

To be eligible for the 408 visa to australia PR, you need to fulfill certain conditions:

Invitation or Nomination: You must be invited, nominated, or sponsored by an Australian organization or individual for a specific event, activity, or work.

Health and Character Requirements: You should meet Australia’s health and character standards, which might include medical checkups and background checks.

No Outstanding Debts: You must not owe any money to the Australian government.

Genuine Temporary Entrant: You need to show that your plan is temporary, and you intend to leave Australia when your visa expires.

Financial Support: You should have enough money to cover your expenses in Australia, unless your sponsor is supporting you.

How Visa Subclass 408 Can Lead to Australian PR

Although the 408 visa to Australia is initially temporary, careful planning can turn it into a path to Australian Permanent Residency (PR). Here’s how:
Skill Development: Engaging in activities or work under the 408 visa can provide an opportunity to develop skills and expertise highly sought after in the Australian job market.

Employer-Sponsored Pathways: Some 408 visa to Australia holders might secure employment with Australian employers who are willing to sponsor them for other skilled visas, like the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa.

Regional Pathways: The 408 temporary activity visa in Melbourne can lead to regional pathways, allowing you to live and work in regional areas of Australia. This makes you eligible for certain regional visas that offer a faster track to PR.

State Nomination: Several Australian states have nomination schemes that give preference to local residents who already possess a visa. It can increase your chances of receiving a state nomination, which is frequently necessary for gaining PR through skilled migration.

Permanent Residency Applications: While holding a 408 visa, you can submit expressions of interest and applications for other skilled visas leading to Australian PR, such as the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) or the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190).

The Role of Migration Experts

Navigating the convolution of visas and pathways towards Australian Permanent Residency can be challenging. This is where best Australian immigration lawyers in Melbourne come into play. All of these have a clear understanding of Australian immigration laws and they can guide you through the process consistently.

Flyworld Migration, known for its expertise in visa consultancy, specializes in helping individuals like you achieve their Australian PR dreams. With a team of experienced consultants, they provide personalized assistance, ensuring that your visa application aligns with your long-term goals. Moreover, they keep you updated on the latest changes in immigration laws and policies, maximizing your chances of success.


In summary, Visa Subclass 408 is also known as the Temporary Activity Visa, which offers a pathway to Australian Permanent Residency (PR) through strategic planning. The eligible applicants can engage in activities or work to develop sought-after skills, potentially securing employer-sponsored visas, regional pathways, and state nominations.

Holding a 408 visa allows individuals to apply for other skilled visas leading to PR. Migration experts like Flyworld Migration play a vital role in navigating this process, providing tailored assistance and keeping applicants updated on immigration laws, maximizing their chances of achieving Australian PR.

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