November 9, 2022

Everything you need to know about migrating to Australia from Kerala

More and more people from Kerala are opting to work, study, and settle abroad with the help of Australian immigration lawyers & consultants. And Australia is ranked as one of the most sought-after countries.

The overseas offers endless opportunities for migrants whether they are skilled professionals, businesspersons, or students. The high salaries, lucrative investment options, world-class universities, and great lifestyle as a whole make living abroad a very attractive prospect.

Because of its large and contentious Indian population, Australia stands out as a reliable destination for Kerala migrants. The community of Malayalis is growing stronger in Australia, which makes it easier for people from Kerala to build their homes far away from home. This also means that you will get to cherish the food and community of your place while enjoying the great career prospects and vibrant culture. 

Benefits of living in Australia


The United Nations ranked Australia as the second best country to live in because of its admirable quality of life index. Its active and booming economy, which is welcoming for foreign investment and skill, has resulted in being the home for thousands of migrants. Leading technologies in the health, service, and skill sectors have significantly improved people’s lifestyles.

Health insurance is an ever-important part of our lives, and living in a country that offers great healthcare is essential. Australia’s healthcare system is top-notch and it offers free and low-cost healthcare for Australian citizens and permanent residents through its public healthcare scheme, Medicare. The country also offers free education for children in its public schools, making it a great destination for overseas migrants who wish to settle with their families.

Australia is also known for its high salaries and great business opportunities. The average 550 AUD (64,000 USD), is relatively high as compared to other developed countries. The country’s steady and profitable economy makes it a great place to expand or start a business. Businesses have fewer restrictions and the lower rate of corporate tax stands out as one of its many benefits.

The increasing population of Malayalis is also due to the friendly visa laws, as compared to other countries. Australia provides great career and residency opportunities for migrants that can offer their skills or investment to the country. It is always vigilant for great skills to boost its economy and workforce.

The climate of Australia is also tolerable to Keralites, making it another added benefit. The country has a mild climate for the most part of the year, with different regions having different intensities. When compared to other countries, its winter is tolerable and not harsh. The vast area of the country and its diverse landscape and animal kingdom, also make it a great destination to explore.

Skill Shortage and Career Opportunity





The increasing skill shortage in the country also makes Australia a great land of opportunities. The tech and health sectors, which receive one of the greatest importance and infrastructure, are facing a huge skill shortage. The Australian government is at the forefront of inviting skilled professionals, businesspersons, investors, and students to work, invest, and study in the country. The skill shortage was heightened during the pandemic as services were in need more than ever. This has served as an opportunity for thousands of people.

The 2022–23 Migration Program, which the Australian government unveiled in August, doubled the cap for skilled visa categories. It has been declared that 109,900 skilled Australian visas will be issued within this fiscal year. This has resulted in relaxed visas and a higher acceptance rate for migrants. A part of this is relaxed eligibility criteria, including non-compulsory English proficiency tests in some criteria.

The country’s two most important sectors, health and technology, enjoy special priority, along with some of the highest salaries. The number of health workers to be employed is expected to rise to two million by 2025, and the government is set to create 1.2 million tech jobs in the coming years.

When it comes to students who study at Australian universities, their degrees are highly valued and it is easier for them to find a job and settle in the country.

Eligibility Criteria






There are different types of visas with different subclasses for most of them. But there are some general requirements that apply to all or most of them. Only if you meet these basic requirements can you receive an invitation from the Australian government to apply for a visa:

  • Be under 55 years of age.
  • Be in possession of a valid passport.
  • Submit verified documents and credentials related to your skills, work experience and education.
  • Proof of sufficient money to support yourself and your family.
  • Relevant medical credentials and insurance reports
  • English proficiency (which is not mandatory for some subclasses)

So, where to start?







Moving to another country stirs many emotions, and let’s be honest, stress is certainly one of them. The many kinds of visas and their often updated rules can seem daunting to many. The complex and time-consuming process of applying for visas can be stressful.

This is where Flyworld’s skilled visa lawyers and consultants come in. Seeking the assistance of a licensed Australian migration agency in Kochi will make your migration journey smoother and simpler.

Choosing the right Australian immigration consultant for your Australian immigration is essential to increase your chances of settling there. Flyworld the best Australian immigration consultants in Kerala situated in Kochi offers Australian immigration consultancy in the state. With its head office based in Melbourne, Flyworld offers dedicated and premium service even after you have reached your destination.

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