May 26, 2023

The Easiest Way to Get an Australian Visa for Indians

Looking for the best agency for Australia immigration in Kerala that can help you easily migrate to Australia? Australia is an excellent destination to migrate to and settle down. But how does one accomplish this?

How do you get an Australian Visa? Who is going to help you in the process?

How do you choose the best consultancy?

Well, your search ends here with Flyworld. Flyworld is a pioneer in the field of Australian immigration and legal affairs. A decade of experience in the immigration sector and a dedicated team of experts make Flyworld one of the top Australia PR visa consultants in Kerala.

Now, before beginning the process there are various factors that you need to consider. There are various factors and subclasses that you must be aware of in order to decide on the most suitable Australian visa for you and reduce your chances of visa refusal. All visas have certain qualifications and requirements upon which your application may qualify or disqualify.

Let us look at the important types of Australian visas.

Important categories of an Australian visa:

The general skilled visa

The General Skilled Visa is available to those considering migration to Australia and settling in the nation based on their skills. Employers within the country sponsor this visa. You can look for career opportunities that match your skill set. General Skilled Migration, also known as skilled migration, allows skilled workers and professionals to make an application for permanent residency in Australia through three subclasses: SC 189, SC 190, and SC 491. Applicants must choose an occupation from the Department of Home Affairs’ skilled migration occupation list. A positive skills assessment from a qualified skills assessment body is required for the candidate.

Employer-sponsored Visa

Employers in Australia can sponsor highly trained people from other countries to live and work permanently in Australia through the Employee Nomination Scheme (ENS).

Employer-sponsored visas in Australia are intended for individuals who meet certain conditions.

Both the employee and the employer must go through assessments. The company wishing to sponsor will be asked to prove its authenticity. Following this, the personnel profile will be evaluated.

Different Types of Employer-Sponsored Visas: Nomination Visa (186 employer-sponsored visas), Occupational Trainee Visa (442 employer-sponsored visas), Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (482)

Business visa

By applying for an Australian business visa, business owners and investors can gain permanent residency for themselves and their family members. Our team has years of expertise in obtaining visas for clients from a variety of industries and skill levels. Our immigration lawyers can increase the possibility of your visa approval while reducing the likelihood of visa rejection. Different types of business visas are skilled independent work visas (subclass 188), business talent (permanent) visas (subclass 132), and subclass 189.

Partner Visa

Individuals who are married and have a permanent Australian visa can apply for a Partner Visa 820 or a Partner Visa 801 for their partner. The migration and legal experts at Flyworld, the best agency for Australia immigration in Kerala, can give excellent guidance and help you get a partner visa easily.

Migrate with the best Australia immigration agency in Kerala

Flyworld Migration and Legal Service is the best choice if you are planning to migrate to Australia. Flyworld has a team of expert lawyers who are experienced in the field of Australian immigration and legal procedures. So they will be able to provide effective guidance throughout the course of your immigration journey.

Flyworld has regional offices in Australia and Dubai and has an excellent track record of serving thousands of happy customers. Our Melbourne-based immigration lawyers try their best to offer comprehensive details on visa application procedures. Changes may be made in accordance with the latest regulations and rules.

Being the leading Australia migration agency in Kochi, our licenced migration consultants will assist you with personalised guidance, give you a checklist of paperwork, and make a visa application with a legal submission. This procedure will let case officers cross-check your application with applicable legal requirements and ensure a successful migration process. So hurry up and contact our experts now: +91 9026727004

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