February 24, 2024

All You Need to Know About Dependent Visa Australia 2024

Dependent Visa Australia 2024: Moving to australia in 2024 with your family? Understanding the process for acquiring dependent visas (dv) is essential.


Understanding Dependent Visa for Australia

Dependent visas in Australia actively promote family connection and cohesiveness by granting spouses, kids, and even parents the priceless opportunity to reunite with the primary visa holder.Dependent visas actively improve the immigrant experience by making it easier for family members to visit. They help families live together, which creates a feeling of being included and belonging in Australia. This strengthens the social fabric of Australian society. So, these visas actively help families succeed together in their new home by promoting togetherness and unity.


Types of dependent visa in australia

Families of people with valid visas can apply for different kinds of dependant visas in Australia. Among the most popular types are

The Spouse Visa, known as either subclass 309/100 or subclass 820/801, lets the husband, wife, or partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen stay in Australia with them.

The Child Visa (subclass 802/837) lets kids whose parents are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens come to Australia and live with them.

The Parent Visa (subclass 103 or subclass 804) is for parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents who want to live in Australia.

The Other Family Visa (subclass 114/838 or subclass 115/835) is for other family members who rely on their relatives, like elderly family members, to come and live in Australia.


How to Apply for Dependent Visa Australia

Submitting an application for a dependent visa in australia can be both laborious and straightforward, provided every detail of this journey is addressed appropriately. Before moving forward with this journey, gather all documents including proof of relationship, identity documents, and financial statements as they will all need to be submitted as part of this application process. Likewise, follow all instructions issued by the department of home affairs so as to guarantee an effortless journey and successful results at each step along the way.


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Dependent Visa Australia 2024


Australia Immigration Changes

Australia regularly updates its immigration policies to accommodate changing demands within its borders, such as changes that took effect in 2024 which may impact eligibility requirements for various visa categories – dependent visas included – making it important that australians remain informed about these updates so as to avoid any complications in application processes.


New Immigration Rules Australia 2024

Australia has implemented new immigration rules for 2024 that aim to strengthen its economy and address skill shortages across different industries. The government has taken measures to streamline visa application procedures and attract high-calibre individuals into contributing their skillset to australia’s workforce, making it vital to understand these new rules when applying for dependent visas or other immigration pathways.



In 2024, obtaining an australian dependent visa will necessitate meticulous preparation and rigorous compliance with existing immigration regulations. By adhering to the department of home affairs guidelines and keeping up-to-date with australian immigration policy updates, you can protect your future in australia. For expert guidance, consider flyworld as both the Best partner visa lawyer melbourne and the Best immigration lawyer melbourne to successfully navigate through the application process. Also, stay informed about new developments by following news sources.

Disclaimer: the information provided is for general guidance only. Consult professionals for personalised advice.

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